Our strategy

             Following the transformation that is already successfully underway thanks to the previous Ambition 2020 plan, LACROIX strives to become one of the leading players in connected technologies and the “Smart World” with the Leadership 2025 plan.  The Group intends to step up its growth in high value added connected technological solutions.

Our mission

             We want to allow our customers to build and manage smarter life ecosystems to help tackle the issues facing society, with a focus on Water, Energy, Mobility and the Industry of the Future. We provide them our ability to control technological devices and useful, robust and secure connected IoT industrial solutions.

Our values

             LACROIX is guided by a bold approach and the appeal of a challenge, by respect and the desire to succeed and achieve its goals, team spirit and collective intelligence with innovative methods of working with others, commitment to our ecosystem to imagine the uses of tomorrow and speed up its innovation and openness towards the satisfaction of its employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Our geographical markets

             For several years, international business has been at the core of LACROIX strategy. We are already present on four continents, twelve countries with more than 5,000 employees distributed across our head offices and at our businesses’ production sites. In line with Leadership 2025 plan, 2021 ended with the acquisition of the american EMS, Firstronic.

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