Chapter 3

A powerful team

           The existing natural synergies between the City, Electronics and Environment activities and their complementary positioning place LACROIX very advantageously in dynamic markets. This true virtuous circle combines:

  • A critical size and a sound financial health
  • A converging base of world-class customers and partners
  • Deep complementary technological expertise
  • The robustness of our end-to-end solutions

Consolidation & relocation of the Corp

                For two years now, our corporate group structure has been growing steadily and now has more than 50 employees. The ‘Corp’ brings together the following transversal functions: Legal, HR, Communication, IT, R&D, Finance, Innovation, etc. 

The role of the ‘Corp’ at LACROIX is to support the development of its activities by reinforcing synergies and maximising cross-functionality, where relevant. The Corp also strives to ensure overall coherence and harmony between its activities.

In order to accommodate and support the development of these teams, we moved into new premises in April.