Chapter 1

Leadership 2025

             The  new Leadership 2025 strategic plan bears a strong ambition: to become a global leader in industrial IoT solutions and electronic devices for critical applications. LACROIX has set itself new objectives based around five major strategic pillars to help achieve its ambition.

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Our brand platform

             As a continuation of our new strategic plan, LACROIX has unveiled a new brand identity. The  logo was revamped with a new typography and a deep navy blue, making it more modern. We kept the nautilus emblem, albeit slightly tweaked, to express the consistency and determination of our Group, which has been able to evolve over the years thanks to a solid family-based DNA and a constant ability to innovate.




Capital increase

             The first action led to support the projects in the Leadership 2025 strategic plan has been the capital increase. In july, to support its development, LACROIX has raised 44.3 million euros through the subscription of more than 1 million new shares.

44,3 millions €


1 062 536

new shares

Free float extension

to 27% of capital


              Turning the USA into a domestic region: in December, LACROIX acquired its partner of five years, the American EMS, Firstronic. It was one of the first steps of the Leadership 2025 plan,  of which international development is one of the mail pillars.

             With a revenue of $139 million in 2021 and its two production sites in Michigan and Mexico, this alliance lays the foundations for our development in North America.

             This historic acquisition will make LACROIX a global leader in electronics in sectors with increasing demands for electronic solutions. The integration of Firstronic will enable already existing synergies, including cross-selling, procurement optimization and competitiveness.