Chapter 4

Being customer centric

          LACROIX is committed to always listening to its customers needs and priorities, relying on three main axes. In an ever-changing world, it is vital that we are close as possible to their markets in order to provide the best services and solutions possible. 


3 pillars: 

The Environment activity analyses customer satisfaction 


Satisfaction Rate for the Environment Activity

          In 2021, the Environment Activity conducted a customer satisfaction survey via an online questionnaire aimed at our customers in France and those of our Spanish and Italian subsidiaries; we received over 1,800 responses with a good representation of our different markets and customer typologies.  

For “Products and Services” the survey produced an overall satisfaction score of 94%, with 97% for customer service and technical support, 91% for the business relationship and 90% for product quality.  


All of LACROIX’s Environment Activity teams is committed to listen to their customer needs and have made the following commitments:  

  1. Ensure the best value for money for the service
  2. Continue to develop reliable and innovative products
  3. Strengthen our information and communication actions
  4. Maintain our availability and responsiveness
  5. Continue to strengthen our training and technical support initiatives
  6. Ensure customers are always offered the best possible service

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