Chapter 1

Development of the components crisis and its impact

             Just as in 2020, 2021 has been marked by the pandemic, which has increased pressure on the production of electronic components. This resource is vital to the entire activity of technological companies, and its impact is being felt right around the globe. Even though it is unlikely that the crisis will come to an end in 2022, there is still considerable investment being made in Europe and in North America in new components factories, which in the longer term will compensate for the lack of raw materials.

             Despite the current climate, we continue to take action. The acquisition of new subsidiaries makes it possible to significantly increase our growth and our purchasing power to face our leading competitors. Furthermore, through the Electronics Activity’s « Suppliers Day » , we are strengthening ties with our suppliers to ensure better complementarity and reduced delivery times.



Business successes

Development of the business in Portugal

Ramp-up of the Millenium V2 product in step with the business plan and international deployment

Successful launch and installation of the SAE M5 project in Germany

Lembeek Project to ensure the safety of road users whilst reducing the environmental impact of its lighting in Belgium

Acquisition of Firstronic and deployment in the US

Development of the Impulse product offering