Chapter 2

Innovation Lab by LACROIX

             The stated ambition of our Innovation Lab: Structure and emulate innovation within the group. Our three main activities have different needs, but the projects often make use of internal synergies and benefit all stakeholders.

3 Missions of the Innovation Lab by LACROIX

  • Serve as a catalyst for innovation
  • Support innovation culture
  • Stimulate collective intelligence


             [AI]Roads is a collaborative project formed by our Innovation Lab joining forces with WaltR, a specialist in air quality monitoring and stimulating pro-environmental behaviour. This project aims to make the air more breathable through the implementation of a more intelligent and responsible mobility. We manage to improve mobility and by extension, reduce urban air pollution through the development of a solution combining AI and monitoring of pollution and traffic.

              V2X Autonomous Bus

              V2X (vehicle-to-X) Autonomous bus is a solution that makes it possible to precisely determine vehicles’ positions and optimise the operational time of public transport to limit waiting times for users. LACROIX’s City Activity has been chosen by the RATP [the state-owned public transport operator in Paris] to support them in its autonomous bus project that is expected to welcome aboard its first passengers by autumn 2022.