Trends for 2022 according to LACROIX 

           2022 is shaping up to be as busy and exciting as 2021 for LACROIX.

First of all, we want to continue to find more effective ways to tackle the future technological challenges of our customers through our partner ecosystem.  

We then want to continue our expansion in North America that began with the acquisition of Firstronic, which will act as a local industrial foundation for the deployment of this strategy. 

Lastly, we want to scale up the projects implemented with our activities around data and AI.

Projects such as Smart Water Network and Connected Roadsigns have proven that they were more than ‘Proofs of Concept’ and have demonstrated their added value; now it is time to switch to the marketing stage both in France and internationally.  

        Through the projects carried out, the Innovation Lab enables the internal catalysis of innovation and the exploration of new uses with a particular focus on scaling up tested innovations. Strengthening our strategic partnerships, thanks to initial successes such as IoT Continuum, will consolidate our offerings while addressing the international market in a powerful way. In addition, our first customer experiments based on data and using our connected products are already promising with the perspective to extend our Smart Data Service offer. 

Our ecosystem

         Partners we have worked with in 2021 and will continue to collaborate with in 2022: