Chapter 2

Impulse product offering

              Since its acquisition in 2020, eSofThings has been integrated into the LACROIX ecosystem through the development of its Electronics Activity’s Impulse offer. Incorporating it now allows us to offer solutions from the design to the manufacturing of products and services through highly specialised expertise, recognised by the biggest companies.

             With more than 100 engineers in its teams, LACROIX’s Impulse product offering is built around eight major areas of expertise in order to turbocharge our customers’ new products being brought to market: Connectivity, Energy, AI (including Machine Learning and Computer Vision), IoT, Human–Machine Interface, Mechatronics, Audio Acoustics and Cybersecurity.

They already rely on us

Launch of new product offers dedicated to the international market

             One of the environmental challenges for urban areas and territories is the preservation of our drinking water. One of the reasons explaining these major losses of this resource can be found right beneath our feet, in our numerous water infrastructures. Indeed, their sizes (some stretch across hundreds of kilometres) make it hard to monitor and detect leaks across our networks.

Smart Water Network project

             Resulting from an association between the Environment Activity, the Innovation Lab and Nevers Agglomeration, the Smart Water Network solution uses a combination of Sofrel Environment products, AI and Data Vision to make it possible to analyse water flows in the supply network and detect leaks. In one year, Nevers Agglomeration has saved over 200,000 m³ of water.

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